Custom Ptosis Glasses in South Elgin, IL

To aid people with Blepharospasm or PTOSIS (Myasthenia Gravis) disorder. The Ptosis Eyeglass Crutch is the formed wire mounted to the upper rims of the Glasses.

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The Process:
The Ptosis Crutch is formed to the shape and contour of the eye, using a type of stainless steel wire. The dimensions are measurements taken by the customers OD. or MD. Basically anyone can take the measurements.

Measurements: Step by Step

With the glasses being worn in a normal comfortable position, The measurements are taken from the top of the inner-part of the eyelid, just below the skull bone, right up against the top of the socket at the center of the top of the eyeball, to the inner upper wire of the blepharospasm glasses closest to the eye. Centered on each eye between the bridge in the middle and the temple mount. NOTE! The frames should be made of Metal; not titanium if possible; or plastic. Once the Crutch is attached, I apply the outer protective coating, and give a final adjustment. Basically, that is how it is done.

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Ptosis Glasses

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