June 20, 2024

"Same day within the hour eyeglass repair. Very affordable and fair price to fix my broken eyeglass bridge piece. Thank you!"
June 15, 2024

"Amazing! I rolled over my eyeglasses already in bad shape overnight they repaired them ASAP the next morning when I called. Took less than an hour and the glasses look better than they did before they were broken!!!! Both Rick and his wife are just so so sweet! Will recommend to ANYONE."
May 4, 2024

"Rick is the man, and Mary is there to entertain you while your glasses are being worked on. Great job and finished within 25 minutes. Great price too! Came from Arlington Heights. Worth knowing it’s done by an expert without calling 1 million places."
May 1, 2024

"Best place to get your glasses repaired period. I was in and out with 2 pair of glasses fixed to new spec in 15 minutes. Price can't be beat, very fair and wonderful repair shop."
April 20, 2024

"Went to Rick's to get my son's glasses repaired as he accidentally sat on them. He said it would take 15 minutes, and he didn't even charge us anything! He said it was just maintenance. Thanks so much! P.S. yes it is the red house, and just walk up to the front door and ring the bell"