August 9, 2018

Frame repair

"I have looked around for a good place to have my frames repaired and came across Ricks website and I have to say I'm very pleased he looked at my frames and told me up front that he could fix them while I waited and in less than an hour they were done and I am satisfied with his work and would recommend him to anyone who needed glasses fixed and you Can't beat the price he works from his home well worth the trip for me Thanks Rick ."
April 30, 2018

"Thank you so much Rick for doing what you do. Unusual to find someone who actually operates in repair-mode. Wish you saw Noelle's smile wearing her favorite irreplaceable newly repaired frames. They look great ! I agree with all the other commentary, great price, great work and you don't mess around...received frames back very quickly. The hard-case suggestion was a good one. You have my vote and any referral. Hope all your days are well. :-)"
April 25, 2018

"My glasses had broken by the hinge and was told it wasn’t repairable and would need new glasses. I looked for the same frames and they were discontinued. Luckily i came across Rick on yelp and gave him a call he suggested i send it to him via mail instead of me driving all the way to him. I sent out my glasses on 3/7/18 he repaired them the day he got them and sent it back to me and i got my glasses back on 3/9/18. Pricing is reasonable and he fixed my favorite glasses. Thank you so much!"
April 25, 2018

"Rick was very courteous answering the phone. I described what I needed fixed and he assured me he could fix it. I sent my glasses via email and they were promptly returned to me with 4 days. The glasses were not only fixed perfectly but he cleaned of the crazy glue from the frame where I tried to fix myself. His charge was very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone that has a broke pair of glasses. Great service, fast response time and very economical. I'm thankful for people like Rick who provide such a great service !!!"
February 23, 2018

"I went to America's Best to get my glasses repaired, but they told me they would be unable to do it and I would have to buy a new pair of glasses. I was able to send Rick a picture of my broken glasses and he quickly got back to me stating that he would be able to fix them! In addition to this, I only paid about 20$ for the repair and he even shipped them to my home, so that I don't have to drive all the way out to south Elgin! I would definitely recommend Rick to anyone in need of eye glasses repair! He is very kind and professional!"