June 11, 2020

"I usually don't write reviews, but I felt obligated to do so after receiving excellent service from Rick. I had a problem with a spring in my favorite frame, which was discontinued a few years back. I called quite a few eyeglass stores in the hope that one of them might be able to fix it, but it was to no avail. To my relief, when I called up Rick he seemed to know exactly what my problem was and how to fix it. After making my way to his address he offered to make the fix right then and there, and after just about 15 minutes my favorite frames were good as new. I highly recommend him."
February 5, 2020

"Rick was so great! I was surprised that his shop was in the basement, but it worked out well. The place we got my daughter's glasses from said there was no way that they could fix her glasses. I took them to Rick and he repaired them with parts from a different pair. They turned out perfect and it was so fast! Being right before Xmas I didn't have a lot of money. The price was so affordable it was the best gift I could have ever received! If your eye Dr. says they can't fix them. Don't give up! Call Rick he saved my day!"
February 5, 2020

"My girlfriend went to get her glasses fixed because her eye shop told her they couldn’t fix it. Drove out 1 hour hoping Rick could do something to fix the glasses, and he said it was an easy fix. Thankfully we trusted our gut and drove out here because he did an excellent job fixing them and he did it in 15-20 minutes. And the price is very affordable. Awesome business."
February 5, 2020

"I had 2 pairs of very expensive glasses that were mangled under 200lbs of pressure. I was sure the frames were going to be unusable but he worked miracles and saved me hundreds of dollars. He was worth the hour and a half drive. Thanks Rick"
December 16, 2019

"Rick and his wife were so friendly and they fixed our glasses in no time for very little money. We had the nicest conversation and very happy with our results. Thanks Rick."