April 19, 2024

Glasses repair

"I had sat on my husbands glasses and was trying EVERYWHERE in Chicago to get them fixed. I was told no by every store including the manufacturer (Tom Ford.) Thankfully I found this place! Genuinely the nicest person helping me, and made it so so easy. He fixed them so fast I couldn’t believe it, and only charged me $60!! It would’ve been about $1,500 to replace these glasses so I am forever grateful for this place. Everytime I got off the phone with Rick I would look at my husband and say “that was the nicest customer service I’ve ever received.” This company is not just efficient, dependable, and fairly priced.. but their genuine, honest, trustworthy, and kind. I will recommend him to every single person who ever has a glasses issue. THANK YOU AGAIN!! "
April 19, 2024

Eyeglass repair

"Per my last review I would like to correct something. I wasn’t charged $60 (although I still think he deserves more) I was charged only half of that! Rick you are truly amazing! "
April 4, 2024

"I broke my glasses "
February 27, 2024

"Rick is a treasure, the type of man that is now virtually extinct: an honest, artistic perfectionist who takes pride in his work and loves to see a job well done. You will not find a better craftsman anywhere. My thin metal spatulas were broken completely off when I fell and landed on my glasses, and I was told by the store I purchased them from they were unrepairable. In an hour & 1/2 Rick had them looking brand new. Amazing quality work. I can't say enough good things. And an added bonus was delightful conversation with Rick's lovely wife while I was waiting and she came out to walk their adorable dog. Rick and Mary I can't thank you enough. RUN, don't walk, to give this man your business."
February 18, 2024

"Found Rick from word of mouth. Very pleased with the final product….. great job!!! Definitely would recommend"