May 15, 2017

"Rick does great work. He has fixed my glasses several times and he always straightens and adjusts them perfectly-they fit better than when I left the store with my new glasses!"
May 8, 2017

"Did a great job repairing my glasses, the pair that Lens Crafters said they could not repair. Very happy with the result. I would recommend him to everyone. Plus the cost is very reasonable."
April 26, 2017

Rimless frame repair

"Did an excellent job in getting my rimless frame repaired. I very satisfied with the results. He was very courteous and professional - did a great job. Thank you Rick."
January 30, 2017

Owner “Eyeglass Repair”

"I just want to tell everyone to please put down on these reviews, exactly how you feel, no sugar coating. If I did ok or anything you didn't like. I try to make all my customers feel as if they got the utmost best quality that can be given. Even if you don't like my barking dogs or the Color of my shirt. I treat everyone as equals. Thanks for the good!! & not so good Reviews... Rick (Ricks Welding & Eyeglass Repair)"
January 13, 2017

"This guy has a large inventory of repair parts, and does a first class job! Working out of his house is probably the reason he's able to do what he does so affordably!"